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American Fuzzy Lop

BJ currently has a small but growing heard of Fuzzy Lops which are based from Johnson & Iglasias lines with a few rabbits in the breeding program from Leslie Hobbs and Meredith Sherrer.

About our Fuzzies

We have been showing Fuzzies for only two years now and have made a great amount progress in our herd.  We are showing all the young we raised since last spring and have been competing well with the northeast breeders. We plan on breeding soon to the new bucks we aquired at convention to help our line :-)!!!


Nothing Available at this time...

Bred 5/8/08:

Hobb's Opus (broken tort) x Sam's Choice Rosie (Solid Tort)

Hobb's Opus (Broken Tort) x K&B's Chanel  (Siamese Smoke Pearl)

Hobb's Opus (Broken Tort) x K&B's Hunny Bunny (Blue Sable Point)